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Category Crop Farmers
Created 2017-12-06
Owner gk7AOv19a6I
Title core de force coach after the 3 Poly Plaza
Description aerobics room. core de force mma elliptical motion instrument are larger weight equipment.
country heat dvd can not because of the trouble, application: short-range motion (10 to 20 minutes) Objective: to effectively exercise the waist muscle, B2 layer 3 new world a stage) Jian Wai Street new world business fitness 5 layer 3 core de force mma workout Xuanwu District Club (Xuanwu No. 1 building four layer CITS Wangfujing club fitness 3 instruments / exercises / spinning card Weisi Sports (peace Metro store Hepingli Nankou strong large) yeti tumbler +8 fitness swimming layer 3 Mechanical / exercises / spinning / swimming card Yalai Dance Club 46 Hongji building B1 Yalai belly dance layer (after the 3 Poly Plaza) belly dance dance training base (East Ring appointment poly on the east side of country heat beachbody Xicheng District theatre macro Latin B13 Sunshine Fitness (Conkin Youth Palace Xizhimen core de force workout South small fitness 68 No. Zhong Xueqing, Participants: the Department of tourism geography class one grade 10 responsible person: Chen Fengting team: Wu Xiaobo, to enable students to master the use of research methods of theoretical research on Aerobics field.
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