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Title Wholesale China Jerseys successes
Description Alliance for Change member Dominic Gaskin has described 2012, as a year of challenges, successes, learning and ¡®firsts¡¯ for the party. Gaskin was at the time addressing members of the media at a press conference.According to Gaskin, at the national level there was renewed interest in general political life and especially in the work of the Parliament. He said that with the results from the 2011 polls, the Alliance For Change was able to reinforce its position, as the conscience of the nation placed it as the real balance of power in the new parliamentary dispensation.Gaskin said that despite the ¡°tug¨Co¨Cwar¡± between the political giants over the position of Speaker of the National Assembly, the AFC was able to successfully put forward a candidate of impeccable credentials whose very demeanour and experience saw the other parliamentary parties accepting him to hold that critical position.Moreover,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he said that at the level of the Parliament, the AFC led cuts to the 2012 national budget estimates. Gaskin pointed out that it was a first for Guyana and the results that they have seen were well worth it.He asserted that ¡°after all the chest-beating and protesting,Cheap Jerseys Supply, with ministers on the protest line bearing placards and making all sorts of promises to ensure NCN workers and the staff of the One Laptop Per Family get paid, time revealed the level of corruption and theft at these two agencies¡±.¡°The AFC has fought for and was able to pressure the government to increase Old Age Pension to $10,Jerseys NFL Cheap,000 and while it¡¯s still not enough, many pensioners are glad for the increase. 2012 also saw the AFC leading the fight against corruption and opening the eyes of the public to the lack of accountability and transparency surrounding multi-billion-dollar contracts, such as those for the expansion of the Timehri International Airport, construction of a Marriott Hotel,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, the Amaila Falls Road Project, NDIA and many others.¡±¡°The AFC visited all ten Administrative Regions and while we were not able to reach all the communities, at those that we visited,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, all the residents lauded our efforts to stamp out corruption. Recognizing our efforts, the residents came forward with information on corruption in their communities.¡±He further noted that the party sought to engage in a meaningful way with the other parties in parliament and with the administration. ¡°Needless to say, there were varying degrees of success. However,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, we remain committed to meaningful dialogue and consensus building.¡±¡°The AFC also engaged with stakeholders in the private business sector and was able to share information on our policies and positions on a number of issues. As we look towards the New Year, we remain committed to the fight against corruption. It is our position that proper accountability and transparency must accompany all government transactions. In this regard, we will be pushing for more information to be made available to the public.¡±
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